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Innovations in the construction industry

Almost every day new building products and innovative construction methods are released. Some of these appear to be groundbreaking for the construction industry, at least in their sheer scale they definitely are.

There is a lot of exploration going on, in both practice and research separately and together. New findings from supposedly unrelated fields such as biology and physics, history or space research have a significant impact on how and what we build today and tomorrow.

I ask myself how architects - and all those who want to build - can keep up to date with this pace of innovation.

That’s why I looked for well-maintained databases that are updated frequently and would be easy and, above all, structured to search through. But I did not find what I was looking for.
Yet that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t exist: do any of you know such databases or how do you keep up to date with new studies in a structured and practical way?

Below I have listed a few current building innovations that have caught my eye. Do you have any exciting others to report? Which ones do you think can be implemented immediately, and which ones are you sceptical about? I look forward to your comments!

AI-powered planned platforms … ‘and the future never looked so bright’.

A new type of “steel“.

Back to the roots: using ancient techniques for “building the future”.

International Database (focus more on buildings, but innovations itself can also be found).

Most innovative Companies in Architecture 2021.

Surprising materials: Biowaste for buildings and furniture.

Turning fruit peels into concrete…meaning less cement is needed while being 30% stronger than standard products.

Using physical models for architecture.

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